School Social

School Social: Photo Courtesy of Lucy

Home Economics Class

Home Economics Class

Squash Win

House Photo: Courtesy of Lucy

Squash Win

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Here are some notes that Pippa received during her time at Epworth.

This is the letter of Recommendation Pippa received from Epworth's Headmistress

In 1993, when Pippa was 16, her class was involved in a 'finishing' course which is standard curriculum for that year and which culminated in the "Vogue Ball' . This course taught the girls poise, etiquette, grooming, hosting and life skills. They all had a wonderful time with this project and I was fortunate enough to spend the last few days before the ball helping prepare flowers with the other parents. We also went on outings, shopping for jewelry, getting hairdos, visiting flea markets and generally having a wonderful time. I found the necklace and earrings I gave her for the ball, kept separately in a neat jewelry bag in her drawer when I was sorting through her posessions after the accident. The sadness at that time was overwhelming, but I'm hoping they will help me feel Pippa's presence when I wear them for special occasions.

Pippa had been a Squash enthusiast since she was 12 and went on to become the Epworth First Team Squash Captain and gained her provincial colours in this sport. The team went on a tour to Enlgand and I will be adding clippings from her beautifully prepared scrap book in the near future

Matric year was a social whirl! Here are some photos.

I have added photos of Pippa and her schoolmates. Please see the Albums at the Right of the Page..

French wasn't Pippa's favourite subject, but she really enjoyed the French Evening that they all worked together to create. French Night!

Here is an assignment that Pippa presented at school.

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