Pippa and her cousin, Lisa, took off on the adventure of their lives when they enrolled for the Swift Water Rescue Training at Esprit, situated on the Ottawa River. I was concerned for her safety, of course! But I knew that this was a reputable company and that Pippa wanted to persue a career in Travel and Tourism, so this would give her some solid training. When she returned home and showed me the photos I was astonished at the feats they had to accomplish! Absailing down waterfalls to rescue people and giving each other injections! Thank God I only found all this out after the fact. I was very proud of her!

Lisa gave a touching Eulogy at the Memorial Service, describing Pippa's courage and that she was always the first to 'jump in' when they had to attack a new challenge.

Pippa is in all of the photos below..you just have to look carefully to find her. Some of the photos were cut as Pippa had made a collage of this adventure so there are 'white' spots where the photos were cut.