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In 1997, a year after Pippa arrived in Canada from South Africa, she took off on an adventure around Western Canada and the United States. She created this cute schedule noting all her "Fun Times' during her first two years in Canada. When she arrived back in Vancouver, British Columbia, she decided that this is where she wanted to settle, but unfortunately, she was unable to find a job there. After some 'encouragement' from her father and I, she reluctantly booked an airticket to Toronto. She noted in her journal that as fate would have it, the date her tickets were confirmed and paid for, she got a job offer!

As I knew Pips would be returning to Toronto, I pored over want ads in the newspapers in search of suitable employment when I came across this advertisement in the Toronto Star. I had been working in a Telemarketing job for six months (suplimenting my "acting' career!) and was ready for a change myself, so when Pips arrived we decided to go and try our luck at Fionn MacCool's. As was typical of my daughter and I, we got lost, walked for miles and just made the deadline! The pub was in the process of being built. Prime Pubs had imported the wood, bar and fittings from Dublin and the excitement of building this lovely venue added to the allure!

We had fun filling out the application form. Pippa needed help with some of the Irish Trivia questions! She was feeling a little insecure due to her lack of experience and was somewhat doubful that she would be hired. As it happened....we were both hired! Pippa as Hostess with the prospect of being promoted to Server and I was given the job of part time Bookkeeper/Server! We danced out of there with glee and chatted about the days ahead with training and meeting the other lucky staff members.

You will recognise most of the faces from these photo galleries on the "Our Farewells" page in the photos from the Memorial Service in Toronto. The day after the accident, on October 23, 2006, Colette managed to gather together a group of Pippa's old friends and they met at Fionn MacCool's to share their grief and memories of Pippa and Kieran. They all gathered again, in greater numbers, on Wednesday, October 24, the night before we flew to South Africa. A group of heartbroken friends who were always there for Pippa, right to the end, and the memories of these two vibrant, loving souls will fill their minds and hearts forever.

The training was an adventure in itself. We received top class hospitality training, but what put the icing on the cake were our bus trips...outings with the other new recruits. We were taken to the Guinness warehouse and sampled all the wares! We were also treated to a night out at another Prime Pub, Slainte, in Hamilton. We were wined and dined royally and a good time was had by all!

When the pub opened it was quite hectic! And as time rolled on we formed some solid, long lasting relationships with the other staff members. Pippa and Colette bonded and went on to become 'lifelong' friends. Please click on photo for Album.

Pippa and her buddies went on a lot of outings during her Fionn's Days. Here is an album of photos showing some of these trips.

I organized a surprise party for Pippa's 21st Birthday. Everyone gathered in the Snug Bar and when she arrived, she was truly astonished! My favourite memory of that night was the Band playing 'Hey Pippa, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Pippa! Hey Pippa! the tune of 'Hey Mickey!" And we all formed a conga line and snaked our way all around the pub and patio! If anyone can remember the name of the performer I'd appreciate it! Please click on photo to go to Album.

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