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Remembering the day you came into our lives Dear Little Kieran. As time goes on without you, I realise how much joy and love you brought into this world and how many gifts you left us with. I will love you forever.

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Kieran Andrew Palmer Barton was born on March 23, 2002 at the Toronto East General Hospital, Toronto, Canada.

His mom, Pippa was a courageous and loving single mother who greatly appreciated the precious gift she was given in this beautiful son. Pippa and I had moved in together and prepared a home for Kieran which included many hours of painting, shopping and gardening. Pippa wanted only the best for her child. When she brought this tiny bundle home to his freshly painted Nursery the joys and challenges of bringing up this bright, charming, affectionate boy began in great earnest!

Pippa's father and stepmom, Jeremy and Sue travelled from South Africa to join us in celebrating Kieran's Christening in May, 2002. Her step grandmother, Boo Barton, also joined us from England. Pippa's brother and sister-in-law, Uncle Topher and Aunt Nancy, were Kieren's Godparents. Nancy's parents, Jack and Marg and Pippa's friend Colette and her sister, Nadia, joined us in this celebration.

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I had originally added a couple of photos to his 4th Birthday Page that were actually taken on his 3rd Birthday! So I've created a new album at the left with his 3rd Birthday photos.

Here is a little Slide Show, played to Baby Einstein Mozart's "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". Kieran sang this song to us on many occasions.

Movie: Kieran, Our Twinkley Little Star!