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I created this 1 minute video clip and there are aspects of this video that have such deep significance to me. When I went through Pippa's things in Port Elizabeth I found her Digital Camera and it had photos on it. I could tell that the 'cake' was from Kieran's 4th birthday so I searched the house to find her cable to download the photos and eventually realised she must have misplaced it and that is whey they were still on the camera. I brought the camera back to Canada and bought a new cable and downloaded these lovely little 'video' clips. I've slowed down the last two so we can have 'more' Kieran time!
1. On the night of March 22, 2006 I stayed up late to call Kieran early in the morning in South Africa to wish him a Happy Birthday! When I called, Kieran answered the phone. I wished him a Happy Birthday and asked what his plans were for the day. He said "Grandma, Mom made a Batman Cake!" He was so excited and was obviously sitting next to it and described it in perfect detail for me! I asked how old he was and he told me '4' and then I said 'You're a BIG BOY now Kieran'! and he said "I'm HUGE, Grandma! HUGER than the Batman Cake!" Before I could say another word he said 'Goodbye Grandma' and hurriedly hung up the phone! I called back and Pippa answered. She'd been in the shower when I called and when Kieran heard her come into the living room he thought he'd get in trouble and hung up the phone! She said he'd been picking at the icing and there were a number of little 'holes' to repair! We had a great laugh and continued our chat..
2. I had many phone conversations with Kieran on Sundays and he nearly always sang a song for me. One day, Pippa said that he wanted to sing "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. He sang the whole first verse so beautifully! When we were in South Africa for their Funeral I was told that one day, at Humewood Golf Club, he was given a microphone and sang numerous songs, including "You're Beautiful". Apparently, they had to take the mike away from him, otherwise he would have entertained them all day long! Kieran had quite a repertoire! It's taken me seven months to be able to play this song without collapsing...the words are so very poignant and I can hear his little voice singing it to me so vividly!
3.. Kieran loved Spiderman. Another song he sang for me one Sunday! Then after his perfect rendition of Spiderman, he informed me he knew how to sing 'Superman' as well. I couldn't recall a 'Superman' song, but he sang "Superman' to the tune of Spiderman, which I found delightful!
4. Pippa told me Kieran had made a wonderful hat at school which he was very proud of and wanted me to see. She was going to take a photo to send me. This was obviously the video clip on here and it saddens me to know I only got to see it after he left us and I couldn't tell him what an amazing job he'd done! I'm sure his Mom told him! With great enthusiasm.

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The previous photos I had on here were actually taken on Kieran's Third Birthday! I will add a separate page of photos for that special day.

Here are two emails Pippa sent me the day before and the day of, Kieran's Birthday.

MARCH 22, 2006
HI Mom
How are you? We have just had the last two days off here, which have been very relaxing! It was Human Rights Day yesterday. Kieran is really excited for his Birthday. I don't think he fully understands what it's all about, but he has so many people reminding him, and he knows he will be 4! It's very cute! He will have a party at school tomorrow and then we will take him to Spur for supper. He's a member of their 'secret tribe' there, so he gets his meal for free and of course they will sing to him!
Hopefully we will hear from you tomorrow? I'm going pick Kieran up early tomorrow from school, but I'm not sure if we will be home. You can try me on my cell phone (27)825740781. Otherwise, we should be home around 9pm tomorrow night. I will call you if we haven't heard from you by then.
Talk to you soon.
Lots of love

March 23, 2006
Hi Mom
Thank you SOOO much for that lovely e-mail. It's really nice to have a trip down memory lane, and yes, it's hard to believe it's been 4 YEARS!!! He has had such a great day! He is an angel! He is just at such an adorable age. He has been so appreciative of all his presents he got, and of course all the phone calls! We had a yummy supper, and they sang to him, which he loved! I'm just so sorry, but I didn't have my camera with me!! Dad took a couple of photos, so I will send you some once I get them from him.
But mom, I am so tired. It's been quite an exhausting two days, so I must get to bed, and try and get this adrenalin junkie off to bed too!!( Yes, he's STILL awake at 9:40pm!!!)
I love you lots,

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