This is the last Birthday Card I created for Pippa. She told me when she read it she expected to see a photo of Richard!

This is an email Pippa sent me last year on her 29th Birthday

June 17, 2006
Hi Mom Thank you so so much for the e-card and the birthday money! I have had a great day!! Richard gave me a squash racquet. and a golf glove!! Very sporty! It's a top notch racquet which is the same as what he uses, so I'm really excited!! And I got a new car from Dad and Sue!! It's a Renault Clio. The Corsa was very old, so I'm very excited about that!! We are just watching the en of the SA vs Scotland rugby and then we are going to have a braai. I will chat to you soon. Thanks again for my treats!! And please thank Mike too!! I will chat to you soon, Love you lots! Pipps xoxoxoxoxo

Pippa's Third Birthday