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I will never forget the day you came into the world, Dear Little Kieran.

The night before, on March 22, your Mom was feeling restless and experiencing some pain and contractions. She'd been having them off and on for a day or so but didn't feel they were strong enough to be considered full blown labour. But I could tell she was experiencing more discomfort than usual and kept a watchful eye on her! After dinner she went to lie down, but got up shortly after because she was restless and needed to move around. We talked and watched some TV. She was packed and ready to go as you were due to arrive in a few days. Later in the evening she and I went to bed. I couldn't sleep because I felt pretty certain that you were on your way. Your Mom stayed in bed for a couple of hours but I could tell she wasn't sleeping. I got out of bed and sat in the living room, waiting for her to say 'let's go Mom! He's on his way!". Then at 2am she did come to me saying she couldn't sleep and that her contractions were getting stronger. I then suggested we consider going to the hospital. We got dressed and got her bags together. We sat for a while and talked about the adventure she was about to embark on, her excitement mounting! I knew only too well what was in store for my darling daughter! She was perched on the edge of the couch, not able to sit comfortably. Our little cat, Dustbunny seemed to be acutely aware of what was going on. She rubbed up against your Mom's legs and then settled under them, as though she was waiting, just in case you decided to enter the world then and there! We found this quite amazing, and amusing and we laughed nervously.

Then at 3am I called a cab and we headed for the hospital, The Toronto East General. The cab driver was thoughtful and very concerned about his precious cargo and dropped us off with his best wishes. On examination they confirmed that your Mom was 4cm dilated and you were well and truly on your way into the world! The hospital staff hooked your Mom up to the monitors and left us alone in the room together. She was far braver than I was when I brought my babies into the world. She handled her labour like a trouper and didn't request an epidural until later in the morning when the contractions got ever stronger. I did my best to comfort her. I rubbed her back and helped her with her breathing.

We had attended prenatal classes together and we were now about to put it all into practice. We were both so excited and I sometimes felt that maybe I wasn't the calmest helper to have at her side! Her lips were very dry so I would give her a blackberry flavoured Body Shop lip balm which she applied liberally. That scented product will always remind me of that eventful day!

They administered the epidural but as her labour progressed, they were concerned because all you did, little Kieran, was sleep throughout her labour! Obviously resting up so that you could preserve all your energy to run and bounce around in the world awaiting you.

They decided that as there was a chance that you wouldn't contribute to helping with the birth, in your sleepy state, they decided to deliver you by C-Section. I hugged your Mom and off she went to give birth to you. As I stood outside the O.R., every time a nurse came out I would anxiously ask, 'How are they doing??". One of the nurses took me aside and said "I have 5 daughters and they've all given birth. I wasn't present at any of them, because despite all my years as an Obstetric nurse, I knew the experience would be far too stressful!" I think she had a point there!

I waited anxiously outside the O.R. door and in a while I could hear you cry! My heart leapt! Our Kieran had arrived at last! I called and gave the family the news and Uncle Topher and Aunt Nancy made their way to the hospital to welcome you.

When they wheeled your Mom out on the gurney, she looked up at me with her big, bright, tear filled eyes and said 'Oh Mom, He's Beautiful!!". She was overjoyed, to say the least. Then you were handed to me and I swear, Kieran, when I looked at that sweet little face of yours, it took me back to the day Uncle Topher was born. You reminded me so much of him and the joy I felt was like deja vu. I was given the blessed opportunity of having that feeling all over again. It was then my turn to be overjoyed! My precious Grandson had arrived! I was now officially a Grandma and would wear that badge with the greatest of pride!

Dearest Kieran, March 23, 2002 was truly one of the happiest days of our lives.

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Baby Shower with friends at Main Street

Baby Shower with Agnes and Family

Baby Kieran with Mom, Family and Friends

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