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We only knew Kieran for six short months, but he made such an impact on our lives in that short space of time. I remember the first day he arrived, when I opened the front door and he stood there, with arms outstretched, holding a bunch of flowers for me (it was my birthday). He wasted no time in making himself quite at home and we were totally fascinated by this young lad. I enjoyed the times Pippa and Richard left him in my care while they enjoyed a game of golf. He would arrive very early in the morning, sometimes still in his pyjamas, laden with toys and all sorts of activities to keep him occupied. He was never still for a minute, and it was quite a battle keeping up with him. How he loved writing and drawing and used to sit and write all the family names and Pippa would have to fill me in about who they were. I have a toy dog, which, when you press its foot, sings "Singing in the Rain". He loved this toy so much and always walked around with it, singing along merrily. I still have it in the study next to his photograph and it is a constant reminder to me of him walking around clutching it and singing away.

Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have pictured myself, at my age, crawling around on the floor playing marbles, and throwing ping pong balls into a wastepaper basket, screeching at every "goal" scored, but that is what we ended up doing. We had a great time one day baking little cakes and decorating them for Pippa and Richard when they got back from golf. He loved to walk around the complex and like a typical boy, was always very interested in the different cars parked in the driveways. He was never too shy to chat to anyone he saw (so sociable!) and I still remember one day when Brian took him for a walk around the place with Kieran on his shoulders and they ended up chatting to a neighbour. When Kieran saw their pool, he asked the neighbour if by any chance she had a spare costume he could borrow and have a swim. Unfortunately, she was not able to oblige, but has never forgotten that time.

He was so affectionate and I was very touched by his affection towards me. I have to confess that other people's children tend to get on very well with Brian always, but are never too keen on me. With Kieran it was different. He showed me so much love, I was totally overwhelmed. I was chatting to him when they came around one day shortly after their trip to Keurbooms and was remarking about the fish he had caught. He stood across the room staring at me while I was talking, then suddenly rushed over, jumped onto my lap and gave me a huge hug. I was so blown away! Another special time was when I was babysitting on a Saturday and had to leave at 1.30pm to go to my Quilting Meeting and Pippa and Richard were not yet home. Kieran was quite happy to stay behind with Brian, but as I drove off, he shouted "Stop! Stop!" and started racing after the car, with Brian in hot pursuit. I stopped the car and he said "I just want to hug you and kiss you". I couldn't believe my ears. Those are memories that will remain with me forever!!

He was such a livewire, and I still remember when he arrived at the Hotel we were staying at in Seapoint, after travelling all day, he still had so much energy. He walked straight up to reception and started chatting to the burly black gentleman behind the counter. In no time at all they had struck up a friendship and he was given a picture and some crayons. He wasted no time in rushing upstairs, getting the picture coloured in and taking it back to the receptionist. David said he had kept them amused all the way to Cape Town and he had taken many pictures of him along the way. He was devastated when he found that his camera had been stolen at the scene of the accident and he had lost all those precious pictures. He even advertised in the Mossel Bay paper for the camera, but with no luck.

Brian and Kieran took an early morning walk along the beach on the Saturday morning before the wedding. The weather was great and Brian really enjoyed that time. When a couple came jogging past, Kieran tried his hardest to keep up with them, but had to give up soon, as they were going way too fast for him. Later, when Brian was reversing out of the very narrow driveway at the hotel, Kieran was keeping an eye out the back window and announced "Keep going, Brian, you're doing ok", much to the amusement of all of us in the car. We found him to be so wise, beyond his years.

During the wedding reception, my niece left to go and check on her children and Kieran who were being babysat by their Nanny. I still remember her coming back and telling Pippa that when she left the house again, she asked him if he had a message for her to give to his Mom and he said, "Tell her I love her".