When Sharon McKenna, Pippa's cousin, first heard of the tragedy, she immediately had a vision of Pippa and Kieran being reunited with their grandfather/great-grandfather, Bill Barton, and wrote down her thoughts, creating this touching poem which she read at the Funeral Service in South Africa.

Return to Our Farewells

for Pippa and Kieran
...As I picture it, love Sharon

Standing on the seashore
Two yachts at my side
They spread their white sails...with the morning tide
A vision of beauty...sailing as one
I watch as they fade into the evening sun

Until a soft voice whispers
"Look they are gone"
Gone where?
"Gone from your sight...that is all.
They are still as large as the mast hull and spurs
Just as they were when they left your side"

And then...beyond the horizon
A familiar voice is heard...it's Gramps
"I am here. I am here.
My arms are open to you
Pippa and Kieran, come to me
Come and I will take care of you now."

Sharon Dundon McKenna