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I would like to share some videos that Pippa had taken with the camcorder we gave her as a gift to record Kieran's progress.

Kieran's First Year on Main Street, Toronto

Kieran's First Birthday Party, Main Street

Heather's Baby Shower, Main Street

Pippa in Ireland, with Kieran on board, 2001

Kieran with his Great Granny Boo

Kieran's First Halloween Trick 'r Treat

Baby Kieran relaxing with his Pa and Dee in P.E.

Pippa's walk on Christmas Morning in Ireland,2001

Pippa and Kieran with Dad/Pa on the Beach in P.E. 2002

Pippa and Kieran watching the animals, P.E. 2002

Pippa and Kieran's Trip to South Africa, 2002

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